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Artificial intelligence; what do you think the future will look like?

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  • Artificial intelligence; what do you think the future will look like?

Let us talk artificial intelligence today, these are thoughts of what could be or what impacts artificial intelligence pose on us the consumers in the future.


From the likes of SIRI, self-driving tesla cars and robots of all sorts with human like characteristics such as the world renowned “Sophia”, artificial intelligence is definitely growing at a very rapid pace. Should this trend be worrying for the human race? We are about to find out. In this blog post, we will look at both the pros and cons of artificial intelligence.


First, let us acknowledge how AI betters our lives in so many ways; take a look at Siri for example, she is able to make calls automatically and even talk for some form of entertainment, while this is not the recommended way of entertaining your life or even having a social life, this kind of helps for the introverted in nature, the kind that would rather keep off any form of human contact.


Self-driving cars are able to take you to whenever you want just by keying in the actual destination. Who doesn’t want to be driven in their own car and at the same time save on costs of hiring a driver? This is quite fascinating.


Robots with human like characteristics are also a key tool in conducting research in outer space. Scientists are sending out these robots to simulate humans in their quest to discovering other planets in out orbit that are livable. This is obviously a good thing, with the rate at which our world is deteriorating, it wouldn’t hurt to know that the human race can settle somewhere else, thanks to these robots.


However, concerns by world-renowned famous scientist have been raised siting that AI may be destructive and do more harm than good for the human race by overpowering the humans, this could either be true or false. The topic is still up for discussion and more research is ongoing.


Well, the most harm I think AI can do to the human race is take away our jobs and we won’t have some form of livelihood. Which is quite understandable, I mean we have robots that can perform the basic human activities like cooking, isn’t that worrying?


Experts however say that AI are programmed to either do something bad or something good and have no kind of human emotions in them. They neither feel hate or love.


This makes it very hard for AI to cause harm to human beings as they do not have any kind of emotional intelligence. AI are programmed by humans and thus, humans are the key contributing factor on whether AI are dangerous or not.


Let us also break down the myths on AI; one, that AI will turn evil and destroy us all. We have already established that AI are programmed to do what a human wants to achieve and cannot do this by itself. It does not have that kind of emotional intelligence on its own.


Neither will AI turn conscious and come to life. There are many pros, cons and myths surrounding AI that are still being researched and have not yet been established, we cannot exhaust them all in this single post. Feel free to tell us what you think in the comment section down below with your views on this topic, we shall definitely come back to it. Until next time be technology savvy!