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Bulk SMS versus Email/Memos/WhatsApp

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Today we hold a debate. Which is better? Let’s talk in terms of business and large entities. This has been an ongoing question, what form of communication is best suited to communicate to your clients, employees and potential clients?


Here at Afrinet Telecom, we are still of the opinion that bulk SMS is the best way to go. Why?


To begin with, bulk SMS is inexpensive, once you set up a sender ID which is a one-off payment, the rest is a walk in the park. A single SMS can be priced as low as 0.40 cents depending on the number of SMS one is buying. So, you better save those coins!


Unlike emails whereby some messages are sent to the spam box, bulk SMS has a high open rate. No messages will be sent off to spam and people open messages within the first ten minutes of them receiving it.


Bulk SMS does not require internet connection like WhatsApp or emails, hence the reason why it is able to reach a wide audience; from people living in the village to people living in cities, people who have internet and people who do not have internet, it does not discriminate.


Easy and faster reach; once a message is sent, the receiver gets the message immediately and all at the same time for every user. If this doesn’t scream convenience to you then I don’t know what else will.


The fact that the SMS will have a personalized sender id, means that more people will trust your brand as opposed to sending messages to people with numbers they do not recognize. This is already one way to create trust.


Now let us look at other forms of communication channels. WhatsApp for instance.


On WhatsApp, you can only send a message to a group of a hundred people and not more. WhatsApp messaging is also limited to people who are connected to the internet, let’s face it, not everyone can afford internet at this day and age.


Onto Memos, People are no longer interested in reading what is put on noticeboards, it’s safe to say that the reading culture in this generation is gone.


Old traditional forms of advertising are no longer creating an impact and that is why most of them are shutting down or laying off it’s workers. People are just not into that anymore. Go digital.


People are still coming up with new channels of communication and when it comes to corporates and large organizations none of them has beaten bulk SMS in terms of convenience, affordability and efficiency, we are yet to see that and until then, we carry on flying bulk SMS flag up high.


Let us know what you think in the comment section down below, what are your thoughts? Until next time, cheers!