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PRODUCT REVIEW; Our Fitness Tracker

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This is the month whereby gym owners make the most cash, after the holidays. Their clients having broken all gym codes and over indulged in unhealthy eating habits. Let’s have a look at how our fitness tracker is built to help you be in control of your new year’s fitness goals.


Our fitness trackers come in a variety of colors from black, blue and purple. Once you purchase make sure you set up the device as follows; Download “Very fit Pro” from the Apple Store or the Android App Store on your smart phone and once your device is on, scan the QR code to sync them.


While our fitness tracker comes with a multitude of functionalities, today we will mostly look at those that come in handy when you are at the gym or when you are partaking in your own exercise regimen in the comfort of your home.


This device monitors your heart rate! How? By making sure you’re wearing the device correctly, wear it on the upper side of your wrist and make sure it is somewhat tight than usual during your exercises.


You can also choose to monitor your heart rate all day because the heart rate monitoring is on default all day long. How cool is that!


Blood pressure test and monitoring; All that needs to happen is once you are on the blood pressure monitoring feature, just give it 0.5 seconds on that interface and just like that, your blood pressure is monitored and the results are instant.


Alarm clock mode, do you need that extra kick in the morning to show up at the gym or to go for your morning jog? This device got you covered. Make sure you turn on the alarm clock function on your Very Fit Pro for the alarm clock to be displayed then set it up.


The device also has a sports mode feature on the app. There are several types of sports mode that you can choose from; walking, running, hiking and jogging. It shows you how many steps you have done for that day and also the distance covered in your jogs or hikes. This will help you set clear targets and goals.


Don’t be oblivious of the number of calories you burn in your hard work at the gym. Our fitness tracker will help you know how many total calories you burnt and how long it took you to burn them and how many more you need to burn.


It will also keep your targets in check and remind you when you complete your goals in your fitness journey, using the goal completion reminder.


Other additional features just to mention but a few are; the smart watch is waterproof, has a high battery capacity of 90mAh, light weight i.e. 23g and is Bluetooth enabled.


Get yourself one of these and be in control, we wish you good luck in your new year’s fitness journey. Until next time, stay healthy!