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Tech trends to watch out for in 2020

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The world we live in today is constantly changing and it will continue to do so as time goes by. Technology is growing at a very tremendous rate and the question is, are we catching up first enough?


That is for you to self-analyze and take the necessary steps towards technological growth and integrate it in your day today life. Let’s look at the trends we should watch out in tech as we cross over to a new year.


First is the Internet of Things; people have discovered the convenience in making their surroundings technically smart and most tech companies have caught on to that. The IoT sector is not yet fully exploited but with time it’s something set to take the market by storm. From smart offices, homes, establishments and institutions name it all.


Automation is something else that is set to be a big thing. Tesla already have a self-driving car and some Chinese companies have also developed kitchen equipment that are automated to prepare meals in restaurants can you believe that? Look at technology. Robotics is being taught in schools nowadays but not so prominently in Kenya per say but abroad.2020 will definitely bring progress, prosperity and upgrades in the automation trend.


Another thing that will grow is the use of applications. Apps have become such an important factor in our day today lives, from businesses to home use it has become part of the fabric that makes up our societal functions.


Did you know you can book a golf session and even meals from the comfort of your couch? Before you even get to an establishment? Try the “Limuru Golf Club” app for instance. Businesses are moving to digital by the use of apps, old advertising ways are not working anymore and that is why there are so many lay offs going on in the media industry today.


Smart cities; with the current status in Kenya today I am not sure this should be one of the trends we should be watching out for. But for other countries and major cities, this is one of the things they are trying to achieve or rather have achieved and are only working towards making it better. So, for those who will be fortunate enough and travel to experience the smart cities across the globe, share with your experience with us when you get back.


Artificial Intelligence should also be on your radar. AI affects how we live and our day today functionality and its growing bigger and bigger and getting better and better.


With the many emerging threats in the cyber space, cyber security is developing and will continue to grow at a very high rate. It may not seem as one of the things that is growing because it has been around for long but it is.


Let us know what else you think we should look out for. Leave us a comment down below. Until next time, Happy holidays!