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A set of cloud-based tools designed to help Organizations build strong customer relationships, deliver great services, and improve livelihoods in Africa

Strengthen Customer Relationships

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Bulk SMS

In the increasingly competitive market, corporates are sourcing for ways to be efficient and at the same time minimize their expenses as much as possible when it comes to communicating with their clients or staff, this is where bulk SMS comes into the picture. This form of communication is cost effective, efficient and time saving.



We deliver your messages within a record time.



Don't get frustrated with downtime. Deliver your messages anytime you want.



Our SMS platform is user-friendly and simple to use.


Customer Survey

This is a robust customer feedback tool that helps you to stay updated on what your clients feel about your business. Simply create survey questions and share a link to your audience using the bulk SMS feature on the platform. You will get a well detailed analysis on every survey you do.


User Friendly

It has a nice layout and feel which is easy to learn, navigate and use.



It changes the way SMEs and large corporates collect customer feedback going forward.


Cost effective

It is affordable since the survey link is shared to thousands of recipients at a go via the SMS which is a cheap and affordable.


Imarabiz stands out in a challenging business environment by placing customer focus at its core. It ensures the delivery of exceptional customer service and enhances customer segmentation and retention. Additionally, it simplifies the sales process through effective communication with potential leads and optimizes internal communications.

Centralized Customer Data
Enhanced customer services
Increased Customer Retention Rates
Improved customer engagement
Streamlined sales pipeline management
Improved lead tracking and monitoring
Target setting and performance tracking
Multiple Mpesa Integration
Automated reminders
Meetings management

300 +


2000000 +

SMS Sent per Month

500,000 +

Surveys Links Sent

6 +

Smart Workers



When the rest of the crowd offers complex solutions, we have over the years, deliberately kept our solutions simple and user-friendly.



You can always rely on our solutions. This is because they are designed with the client's needs in mind. Plus we simply don't keep calm until our clients are happy and satisfied.


Customer Focused

In an era when everybody talks about customer focus, we are committed to making it a reality and not just a marketing phrase. To us, customer comes first at all times.



If in case you come across a cheaper rate on any of our solutions, we shall for sure beat it. Just talk to us.

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Bulk SMS Solution FAQs

What is the cost of doing registering a sender id?

We offer the best price in the market; registration process is easy and speedy

Do you provide API Keys and Documentation.

Yes, we provide the above immediately on request.

What is the maximum length of an SMS message?

One page contains 160 characters, the portal allows up to 7 pages.

How long does message delivery take?

The average delivery time through our SMS Gateways is around 5 seconds

How can I buy the SMS Units?

The payment of the sms units can be made through Cheque, Fund Transfer or Mpesa paybill .

How long does it take before SMS units are updated after a payment?

The SMS units are updated to your portal immediately after a payment.

Is there any other hidden fee after registration of the sender id?

No. we don’t charge maintenance fee, you only need to pay for Sms Units.

Is there minimum limit on the SMS units per Purchase?

No, we do not have a limit You can buy from as a little as 50 SMS units

Does the Sms units expire?

Our SMS units do not have a limited validity.

Do you offer technical Support?

Yes, technical support is available 24/7 through email and call/WhatsApp.

Are the Delivery reports available?

Yes, the delivery reports are available on the outbox

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

You can retrieve your password by clicking on the Forget password option in the Login page. The passwords will be reset, and you will receive the new password on your registered mobile number and email id.

SurveySasa Solution FAQs

How long does the registration take?

The process takes one working day, we only require you to create your subdomain and point it to our server.

What is the process of sending out a Survey?

First thing first, you are required to create the survey questions, Upload the database of your audience and Schedule/send a Survey.

How is the survey sent?

The survey is sent via a link through Bulk Messaging, emails and can be shared on social media. The audience receives and opens the link, fill in the survey questions and submit.

How can I access the feedback?

The feedback is available in the platform, well analyzed and exportable to Excel / PDF.

Does the system allow integration with other Systems?

Yes, the platform ships with an API which can be used to integrate with any of your systems.

Is there a limitation on the number of audiences I can send survey to?

No, you can send a survey to any number of audiences.

What if I don’t have Bulk SMS solution?

Since we provide the Bulk Sms Service, we shall provide a sender Id at a discounted Price

Can I access the platform anytime?

Yes, the platform is accessible 24/7 from any smart device with internet connectivity


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