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Debunking the Myths and Misconception of IoT

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For those of you who do not know what IoT is, it’s simply an abbreviation of Internet of Things. To break it down further, let’s define IoT.


The Oxford Dictionary defines it as; The interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data. All this without needing human contact and we couldn’t agree more.


There is a lot of myths surrounding what IoT is, how it works and its effect on the human population in many aspects. Today we debunk some of those myths.


Some people believe that IoT is unsafe and is prone to cyber-attacks. This is however not always the case. As the Internet of Things progresses and continues to grow, so does the ways and means of protection from prying eyes.


And as encryption continues to develop and become more sophisticated, your data will be kept safe so there is absolutely no need to worry.


That the Internet of Things is not reliable; IoT devices are reliable. When developers take their time in implementing and maintaining the software, offering support and improving on the security breech loopholes then it is reliable. This is somewhat related to the notion that IoT is unsafe.


Others believe that IoT is for people looking to reduce costs when it comes to devices with the same functionalities. For example, one opting to use nanny cameras as opposed to installing a full-on CCTV system.


While this is the case, its not just about IoT cost effectiveness. It’s about convenience and reliability. With IoT you are able to remotely control your devices, which is a big advantage.


People believe that IoT is huge on data collection and storing big data that is structured. This is not always the case reason being, most IoT devices are paired with mobile applications on smart phones.


The huge data can be collected from some IoT devices but not necessarily structured. To produce reliable information, the app installed on the user’s phones comes into play.


Feel free to tell us what other myths you have heard in the past regarding IoT products on the comment section down below. Until next time stay connected!