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We believe great customer service can lift many people from daily stress and can make this world a better place. We have a simple customer feedback tool for organizations that helps you to stay updated on what your clients feel about your business. Simply create survey questions and share a link to your audience using the bulk SMS feature on the platform. You will get a well detailed analysis on every survey you do.

How it Works:

  1. Create Surveys
  2. Send link to audience via SMS
  3. Feedback and analysis

Survey Links sent via SMS

User friendly SMS portal

Affordable SMS pricing

In-depth analysis and reports


SurveySasa Solution FAQs

How long does the registration take?

The process takes one working day, we only require you to create your subdomain and point it to our server.

What is the process of sending out a Survey?

First thing first, you are required to create the survey questions, Upload the database of your audience and Schedule/send a Survey.

How is the survey sent?

The survey is sent via a link through Bulk Messaging, emails and can be shared on social media. The audience receives and opens the link, fill in the survey questions and submit.

How can I access the feedback?

The feedback is available in the platform, well analyzed and exportable to Excel / PDF.

Does the system allow integration with other Systems?

Yes, the platform ships with an API which can be used to integrate with any of your systems.

Is there a limitation on the number of audiences I can send survey to?

No, you can send a survey to any number of audiences.

What if I don’t have Bulk SMS solution?

Since we provide the Bulk Sms Service, we shall provide a sender Id at a discounted Price

Can I access the platform anytime?

Yes, the platform is accessible 24/7 from any smart device with internet connectivity

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