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Imarabiz is a leading Customer Engagement & Retention Solution, that stands out in the dynamic business landscape by placing customer focus at its core. Imarabiz guarantees the provision of outstanding customer service, elevates customer segmentation strategies, and boost customer retention. It streamlines the sales process through impactful communication with prospective leads, while also optimizing internal communications for seamless operations.

Why choose Imarabiz.

  • Training and Support Services.

    Imarabiz ensures a seamless onboarding experience with comprehensive training and 24/7 ongoing support, empowering your staff to maximize its potential effortlessly.

  • Enhanced security.

    Imarabiz prioritizes the safety of customer data. You can control who has access to different activities, such as generating reports and sending bulk messages. This helps to protect your confidential information. You can also create teams and roles so that you can assign tasks to different people based on their skills and responsibilities

  • Multiple Safaricom Mpesa integration.

    With Imarabiz, you can integrate with multiple Safaricom Mpesa accounts. You can also track payments and automate follow-up actions for example Payment acknowledgment messages

  • Affordability and ease of use.

    Imarabiz is relatively affordable compared to other solutions, and it is designed to be easy to use, even for businesses with limited technical expertise or prior experience.

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Here is how Imarabiz can benefit your business

Imarabiz allows you to store and manage valuable customer data in one place, ensuring that all updates are synchronized. Whether you need to add or remove contact information for a new or departing staff member at a customer's company, Imarabiz makes it easy for you. Additionally, you can automate tasks and gain insights into your customers' behavior. With Imarabiz, you avoid the challenge of maintaining multiple databases for client information and can ensure effective management.

Centralized Customer Data

Imarabiz provides a centralized hub for all customer data, ensuring easy accessibility and efficient management.

Enhanced customer services

With streamlined access to customer information, Imarabiz enables businesses to offer personalized and prompt service, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Increased Customer Retention Rates

By leveraging comprehensive customer data, Imarabiz facilitates targeted strategies, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved customer engagement

Imarabiz offers tools and insights that enhance customer engagement, fostering meaningful interactions and strengthening the connection between businesses and their customers.

Streamlined sales pipeline management

Businesses can optimize their sales processes with Imarabiz, ensuring a smooth and organized progression through the sales pipeline.

Improved lead tracking and monitoring

Imarabiz provides effective lead tracking and monitoring functionalities, helping businesses stay proactive in their approach to converting leads into customers.

Target setting and performance tracking

Imarabiz allows for the setting of clear sales targets and provides tools for tracking performance, empowering businesses to monitor and improve their operational efficiency.

Automated reminders

Businesses can set up automated reminders within Imarabiz, ensuring timely follow-ups and task management, contributing to increased efficiency.

Petty cash management

Imarabiz assists in the efficient management of petty cash, providing businesses with a tool to monitor and control small expenditures.

Meetings management

Imarabiz facilitates the creation and management of meetings, optimizing the coordination and communication processes within the organization.

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