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Why use Afrinet Telecom Bulk SMS Marketing for your business

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Businesses are finding it more difficult to make their brands noticeable with other marketing channels. For instance, social media is already overrun with advertisements from many companies. SMS marketing is a good channel for your business to personalize its reach and direct its clients’ attention to the business. Afrinet Telecom has direct connectivity to all mobile operators, enabling you to communicate with your audience across Kenya. You will be able to send marketing messages, quick alerts, key announcements, reminders, and notifications to your clients’ databases using our modern Bulk SMS service. The ultimate result is the creation of strong bonds between your business and customers and the overall growth of your business.

There are many ways Afrinet Telecom Bulk SMS can benefit your business. Some of them include:

Brand Awareness

As a business owner, you want your business to come first in your customer’s mind, especially when he/she needs a product or service. Using Afrinet Telecom Bulk SMS, you can send regular updates, invitations, reminders, alerts, and information messages to your clients. They will eventually have your business in mind when the need arises and might even refer you to their friends and family.

Limited time for deals and new feature promotions 

At times, urgent marketing campaigns might come up, and there may be limited time to let your clients know of the fantastic deals or amazing new features you have on your products and services.. Afrinet Telecom SMS can come in handy at this time. You only need to draft your messages and send them to your selected client database. There is a guaranteed 98% open rate on the sent message. Furthermore, you can use the SMS scheduling options by creating a contacts address book to send out future campaign messages in anticipation of the main event.

Client-service payment acknowledgment

Customers need to know that businesses have their best interests at heart. Personalized payment acknowledgment messages are an effective way of nurturing customer trust and earning loyalty. They know that their interests are being catered for and that they are in good hands. An example of such a message is "Greetings, James."Thank you for choosing Lovely Homes. Your family package reservation has been set from the date of 05/07/2022 to 08/07/2022. We will be glad to host you and your family. "

Monitoring and tracking

Businesses can track customer engagement using detailed reports from delivered messages. Over time, the client database can be filtered to only have clients that are responsive. The new client database can later be used in more targeted campaigns, which can be adopted in other channels like emails. With Afrinet Telecom SMS's low cost, high retention, and very high reach means of communication, it saves the business money and improves the return on investment (ROI).

Learn more about your customers

Customer feedback is essential for any business's growth. Afrinet Telecom Bulk SMS can be integrated with a customer feedback platform to send surveys to your client database. Clients are more likely to respond to surveys sent via SMS, and their response time is shorter.


SMS marketing is an effective way for businesses to attract customer attention and increase customer engagement. Afrinet Telecom Bulk SMS is a robust and reliable solution that helps businesses nurture stronger customer relationships and provide great customer service